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More Problems with Criminal Trials: The Limited Effectiveness of Legal Mechanisms

U.S. MORE PROBLEMS WITH CRIMINAL TRIALS: THE LIMITED EFFECTIVENESS OF LEGAL MECHANISMS DAN SIMON 0 1 0 Copyright © 2012 by Dan Simon. This article is also available at 1 Professor of Law and ... , THE INNOCENCE PROJECT 1 (2010), 5. Dan Simon, The Limited Diagnosticity of Criminal Trials, 64 VAND. L. REV. 143 (2011). 6. DAN SIMON, IN

Judicial Overstating

inclusion in Chicago-Kent Law Review by an authorized editor of Scholarly Commons @ IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law. For more information , please contact Recommended Citation Dan Simon & Nicholas Scurich

Complex System Optimization Using Biogeography-Based Optimization

October 2013; Accepted 3 October 2013 Academic Editor: Oleg V. Gendelman Copyright © 2013 Dawei Du and Dan Simon. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution

On the Convergence of Biogeography-Based Optimization for Binary Problems

Biogeography-based optimization (BBO) is an evolutionary algorithm inspired by biogeography, which is the study of the migration of species between habitats. A finite Markov chain model of BBO for binary problems was derived in earlier work, and some significant theoretical results were obtained. This paper analyzes the convergence properties of BBO on binary problems based on...

Iterative unbiased FIR state estimation: a review of algorithms

Yuriy S Shmaliy 0 Dan Simon 1 0 Department of Electronics Engineering, Universidad de Guanajuato , Salamanca, 36855, Mexico 1 Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cleveland State

A Third View of the Black Box: Cognitive Coherence in Legal Decision Making

me. See Keith J. Holyoak and Dan Simon, BidirectionalReasoningin Decision Making by Constraint Satisfaction. 128 J Exper Psych: Gen 3 (1999); Dan Simon, et al, The Emergence of Coherence over the ... can be a natural product of the cognitive (2001): Dan Simon and Keith J. Holyoak, Structural Dynamics of Cognition: From Consistency Theories to ConstraintSatisfaction,6 Personality & Soc Psych Rev 283

Freedom and Constraint in Adjudication: A Look Through the Lens of Cognitive Psychology

By Dan Simon, Published on 03/01/02 ... law.2 * @2002 Dan Simon. All Rights Reserved. t Associate Professor, University of Southern California Law School. I thank the participants of this conference for their helpful comments. Thanks go also

The Demolition of Homes in the Israeli Occupied Territories

On December 6, 1983, a bomb exploded in an Israeli bus traveling through Jerusalem, killing six passengers and injuring some fifty others. Three years later, an Israeli military court found two Palestinian residents of the West Bank guilty and sentenced them to life imprisonment. Their homes were then demolished pursuant to an order issued by the Military Commander. The...