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Central airway pathology: clinic features, CT findings with pathologic and virtual endoscopy correlation

Objectives To describe the imaging features of the central airway pathology, correlating the findings with those in pathology and virtual endoscopy. To propose a schematic and practical approach to reach diagnoses, placing strong emphasis on multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) findings. Methods We reviewed our thoracic pathology database and the central airway ...

The impact of multiple irrelevant visual events at the same spatial location on inhibition

If an irrelevant visual event, such as a nonpredictive cue, is presented prior to a target, performance is impaired when the target appears at the cued location relative to when it is presented at an uncued location. This phenomenon, referred to as inhibition of return, can be found at multiple spatial locations when each is cued in succession. The present study examined the effect ...

Impact of Common Variation in Bone-Related Genes on Type 2 Diabetes and Related Traits

Liana K. Billings Yi-Hsiang Hsu Rachel J. Ackerman Jose Dupuis Benjamin F. Voight Laura J. Rasmussen-Torvik Serge Hercberg Mark Lathrop Daniel Barnes Claudia Langenberg Jennie Hui Mao Fu Nabila

No Interactions Between Previously Associated 2-Hour Glucose Gene Variants and Physical Activity or BMI on 2-Hour Glucose Levels

Gene–lifestyle interactions have been suggested to contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes. Glucose levels 2 h after a standard 75-g glucose challenge are used to diagnose diabetes and are associated with both genetic and lifestyle factors. However, whether these factors interact to determine 2-h glucose levels is unknown. We meta-analyzed single nucleotide polymorphism ...

Genome-Wide Association Identifies Nine Common Variants Associated With Fasting Proinsulin Levels and Provides New Insights Into the Pathophysiology of Type 2 Diabetes

. Voight 11 35 36 Jalal Taneera 11 23 Carina Zabena 11 12 41 Peter Almgren 11 23 David J.P. Barker 11 13 Daniel Barnes 11 25 Elaine M. Dennison 11 14 Johan G. Eriksson 11 15 16 17 18 Per Eriksson 11 22