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Book review of MOOCs and Their Afterlives

This book attempts to enlighten the reader about the MOOC phenomenon by carrying out a rigorous exploration of this conceptual and applied amalgam. The aim of this book is to carry out a review of the experimental work carried out in the field of digital learning. The information included should assist the reader in identifying what are known as the “afterlives of the MOOCs”.

Book review of The Battle for Open

Has the openness movement won the battle to transform itself into a mainstream phenomenon in higher education? If the answer is yes, does this mean that the disputes with other educational technological solutions, in particular restricted, have definitively ended? Or rather is it only the beginning of a long confrontation to take center stage in a digital ecosystem that is...

Interactome analysis brings splicing into focus

The spliceosome is a huge molecular machine that assembles dynamically onto its pre-mRNA substrates. A new study based on interactome analysis provides clues about how splicing-regulatory proteins modulate assembly of the spliceosome to either activate or repress splicing. Please see related Research article:

Learning Competences in Open Mobile Environments: A Comparative Analysis Between Formal and Non-Formal Spaces

As a result of the increasing use of mobile devices in education, new approaches to define the learning competences in the field of digitally mediated learning have emerged. This paper examines these approaches, using data obtained from empirical research with a group of Spanish university students. The analysis is focused on the experiences of students in the use of mobile...