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An integrative description of Macrobiotus shonaicus sp. nov. (Tardigrada: Macrobiotidae) from Japan with notes on its phylogenetic position within the hufelandi group

Chlorella vulgaris used to feed the tardigrades was provided courtesy of Chlorella Industry Co. LTD. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Daniel Stec, èukasz Michalczyk. Data curation: Daniel Stec ... . Formal analysis: Daniel Stec. Funding acquisition: Kazuharu Arakawa, èukasz Michalczyk. Investigation: Daniel Stec, Kazuharu Arakawa, èukasz Michalczyk. Methodology: èukasz Michalczyk. Resources

Integrative redescription of a common Arctic water bear Pilatobius recamieri (Richters, 1911)

Tardigrada are a group of microscopic metazoans that inhabit a variety of ecosystems throughout the world, including polar regions, where they are a constant element of microfauna with densities exceeding hundreds of individuals per gram of dry plant material. However, despite a long history of research and their ubiquity in tundra ecosystems, the majority of tardigrade species...

Tolerance to Ammonia of Thulinius ruffoi (Bertolani, 1981), a Tardigrade Isolated from a Sewage Treatment Plant

The acute toxicity of ammonia on Thulinius ruffoi (Bertolani, 1981), a eutardigrade isolated from a small waste water treatment plant (WWTP) in Poland, was estimated. Our results show that no active individuals survived a 24 h exposure to solutions equal to or higher than 125 mg/L of total ammonia nitrogen (NH3–N + NH4 +–N), which, under the conditions in our experiment, was...