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TreeBUGS: An R package for hierarchical multinomial-processing-tree modeling

Multinomial processing tree (MPT) models are a class of measurement models that account for categorical data by assuming a finite number of underlying cognitive processes. Traditionally, data are aggregated across participants and analyzed under the assumption of independently and identically distributed observations. Hierarchical Bayesian extensions of MPT models explicitly...

Extending multinomial processing tree models to measure the relative speed of cognitive processes

Multinomial processing tree (MPT) models account for observed categorical responses by assuming a finite number of underlying cognitive processes. We propose a general method that allows for the inclusion of response times (RTs) into any kind of MPT model to measure the relative speed of the hypothesized processes. The approach relies on the fundamental assumption that observed...

Deciding with the eye: How the visually manipulated accessibility of information in memory influences decision behavior

Christine Platzer Arndt Brder Daniel W. Heck 0 ) Experimental Psychology, University of Mannheim , Schloss EO, 68131 Mannheim, Germany Decision situations are typically characterized by uncertainty