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Validation of the ADAMO Care Watch for step counting in older adults

their gratitude to all the participants of our study and to Caretek S.r.l., Torino, Italy. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Daniele Magistro, Marco Ivaldi, Alberto Rainoldi, Gennaro Boccia. Data ... curation: Daniele Magistro. Formal analysis: Daniele Magistro. Funding acquisition: Alberto Rainoldi. Investigation: Daniele Magistro, Paolo Riccardo Brustio, Gennaro Boccia. Methodology: Daniele

Age-related decrements in dual-task performance: Comparison of different mobility and cognitive tasks. A cross sectional study

Conceptualization: Paolo Riccardo Brustio, Daniele Magistro, Emanuela Rabaglietti. Data curation: Paolo Riccardo Brustio, Daniele Magistro. Formal analysis: Paolo Riccardo Brustio, Daniele Magistro. Investigation ... : Paolo Riccardo Brustio. Methodology: Paolo Riccardo Brustio, Daniele Magistro. Project administration: Emanuela Rabaglietti, Monica Emma Liubicich. Resources: Monica Emma Liubicich. Supervision

The Relationship between Processing Speed and Regional White Matter Volume in Healthy Young People

Processing speed is considered a key cognitive resource and it has a crucial role in all types of cognitive performance. Some researchers have hypothesised the importance of white matter integrity in the brain for processing speed; however, the relationship at the whole-brain level between white matter volume (WMV) and processing speed relevant to the modality or problem used in...