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Observational properties of rigidly rotating dust configurations

We study the observational properties of a class of exact solutions of Einstein’s field equations describing stationary, axially symmetric, rigidly rotating dust (i.e. non-interacting particles). We ask the question whether such solutions can describe astrophysical rotating dark matter clouds near the center of galaxies and we probe the possibility that they may constitute an...

Compact objects from gravitational collapse: an analytical toy model

We develop here a procedure to obtain regular static configurations resulting from dynamical gravitational collapse of a massive matter cloud in general relativity. Under certain general physical assumptions for the collapsing cloud, we find the class of dynamical models that lead to an equilibrium configuration. To illustrate this, we provide a class of perfect fluid collapse...

Black supernovae and black holes in non-local gravity

In a previous paper, we studied the interior solution of a collapsing body in a non-local theory of gravity super-renormalizable at the quantum level. We found that the classical singularity is replaced by a bounce, after which the body starts expanding. A black hole, strictly speaking, never forms. The gravitational collapse does not create an event horizon but only an apparent...

Can we observationally test the weak cosmic censorship conjecture?

Lingyao Kong 0 Daniele Malafarina 0 Cosimo Bambi 0 0 Department of Physics, Center for Field Theory and Particle Physics, Fudan University , 220 Handan Road, Shanghai 200433, China In general

Terminating black holes in asymptotically free quantum gravity

Cosimo Bambi 0 Daniele Malafarina 0 Leonardo Modesto 0 0 Department of Physics, Center for Field Theory and Particle Physics, Fudan University , Shanghai 200433, China We study the homogeneous