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The effect of interleukin-22 treatment on autoimmune diabetes in the NOD mouse

Aims/hypothesis The aim of this study was to determine whether therapy with the cytokine IL-22 could be used to prevent the development of, or treat, autoimmune diabetes in the NOD mouse. Methods Six-week-old NOD mice were administered bi-weekly either recombinant mouse IL-22 (200 ng/g) or PBS (vehicle control) intraperitoneally until overt diabetes was diagnosed as two...

The Use of Biomaterials in Islet Transplantation

Danielle J. Borg Ezio Bonifacio 0 ) Preclinical Approaches to Stem Cell Therapy/Diabetes, Technische Universitt Dresden, DFG-Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden, Cluster of Excellence

Deletion of bone-marrow-derived receptor for AGEs (RAGE) improves renal function in an experimental mouse model of diabetes

Aims/hypothesis The AGEs and the receptor for AGEs (RAGE) are known contributors to diabetic complications. RAGE also has a physiological role in innate and adaptive immunity and is expressed on immune cells. The aim of this study was to determine whether deletion of RAGE from bone-marrow-derived cells influences the pathogenesis of experimental diabetic nephropathy. Methods...