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A standardized set of 3-D objects for virtual reality research and applications

1 David Peeters The use of immersive virtual reality as a research tool is rapidly increasing in numerous scientific disciplines. By combining ecological validity with strict experimental control

Language-driven anticipatory eye movements in virtual reality

Psycholinguistics , Nijmegen , The Netherlands 2 David Peeters 3 Donders Institute for Brain , Cognition, and Behavior , Radboud University , Nijmegen , The Netherlands Predictive language processing is often

The combined use of virtual reality and EEG to study language processing in naturalistic environments

When we comprehend language, we often do this in rich settings where we can use many cues to understand what someone is saying. However, it has traditionally been difficult to design experiments with rich three-dimensional contexts that resemble our everyday environments, while maintaining control over the linguistic and nonlinguistic information that is available. Here we test...

Smart Phone, Smart Science: How the Use of Smartphones Can Revolutionize Research in Cognitive Science

Investigating human cognitive faculties such as language, attention, and memory most often relies on testing small and homogeneous groups of volunteers coming to research facilities where they are asked to participate in behavioral experiments. We show that this limitation and sampling bias can be overcome by using smartphone technology to collect data in cognitive science...