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A short note on measuring subjective life expectancy: survival probabilities versus point estimates

Understanding subjective longevity expectations is important, but measurement is not straightforward. Two common elicitation formats are the direct measurement of a subjective point estimate of life expectancy and the assessment of survival probabilities to a range of target ages. This study presents one of the few direct comparisons of these two methods. Results from a...

A long life in good health: subjective expectations regarding length and future health-related quality of life

Background Subjective life expectancy is considered relevant in predicting mortality and future demand for health services as well as for explaining peoples’ decisions in several life domains, such as the perceived impact of health behaviour changes on future health outcomes. Such expectations and in particular subjective expectations regarding future health-related quality of...

Lifestyle intervention: from cost savings to value for money

Prevention of unhealthy lifestyles has sometimes been promoted as simultaneously reducing costs and improving public health but this will unlikely prove to be true. Additional medical costs in life years gained due to treatment of unrelated diseases may offset possible savings in related diseases, but are often ignored both in health promotion policies and in economic evaluations...