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Genetic and Environmental Influences on Longitudinal Trajectories of Functional Biological Age: Comparisons Across Gender

We used an alternate age variable, functional biological age (fBioAge), which was based on performance on functional body measures. The aim was to examine development of fBioAge across the adult life span, and to also examine potential gender differences and genetic and environmental influences on change with age. We used longitudinal data (n = 740; chronological age (ChronAge) ...

Gene–Environment Interplay in Adulthood

& Deborah Finkel following years (5 in 2000, 8 in 2005). The 2010 conference marks one of the first instances of the phrase ''geneenvironment interplay'' appearing in the program (Arvey et al. 2010). By the

Dementia in Swedish Twins: Predicting Incident Cases

Thirty same-sex twin pairs were identified in which both members were assessed at baseline and one twin subsequently developed dementia, at least 3 years subsequent to the baseline measurement, while the partner remained cognitively intact for at least three additional years. Eighteen of the 30 cases were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Baseline assessments, conducted when ...