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Challenges for Police Leadership: Identity, Experience, Legitimacy and Direct Entry

The police service in England and Wales has developed a new approach to police leadership where individuals from outside of the police service can now enter directly to leadership ranks. Previous research identified that officers place great value on being led by someone who has experience of being a police officer. Adopting a social identity perspective, the current paper...

Test Statistics for the Comparison of Means for Two Samples That Include Both Paired and Independent Observations

Standard approaches for analyzing the difference in two means, where partially overlapping samples are present, are less than desirable. Here are introduced two test statistics, making reference to the t-distribution. It is shown that these test statistics are Type I error robust, and more powerful than standard tests.

Infrared Spectroscopic Studies of Cells and Tissues: Triple Helix Proteins as a Potential Biomarker for Tumors

In this work, the infrared (IR) spectra of living neural cells in suspension, native brain tissue, and native brain tumor tissue were investigated. Methods were developed to overcome the strong IR signal of liquid water so that the signal from the cellular biochemicals could be seen. Measurements could be performed during surgeries, within minutes after resection. Comparison...