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Beta-Catenin Haplo Insufficient Male Mice Do Not Lose Bone in Response to Hindlimb Unloading

As the β-catenin pathway has been shown to be involved in mechanotransduction, we sought to determine if haploinsufficiency would affect skeletal response to unloading. It has previously been shown that deletion of both alleles of β-catenin in bone cells results in a fragile skeleton highly susceptible to fracture, but deletion of one allele using Dmp1-Cre (Ctnnb1+/loxP; Dmp1-Cre...

Osteocyte Apoptosis and Lipid Infiltration as Mechanisms of Alcohol-Induced Bone Loss

Aims: We carried out an in vivo study to assess the relationship between increase in adiposity in the marrow and osteocyte apoptosis in the case of alcohol-induced bone loss. Methods and results: After alcohol treatment, the number of apoptotic osteocytes was increased and lipid droplets were accumulated within the osteocytes, the bone marrow and the cortical bone micro-vessels...

Synchrotron Ultraviolet Microspectroscopy on Rat Cortical Bone: Involvement of Tyrosine and Tryptophan in the Osteocyte and Its Environment

Alcohol induced osteoporosis is characterized by a bone mass decrease and microarchitecture alterations. Having observed an excess in osteocyte apoptosis, we aimed to assess the bone tissue biochemistry, particularly in the osteocyte and its environment. For this purpose, we used a model of alcohol induced osteoporosis in rats. Bone sections of cortical bone were investigated...