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Marked annual coral bleaching resilience of an inshore patch reef in the Florida Keys: A nugget of hope, aberrance, or last man standing?

, University of Miami , 4600 Rickenbacker Cswy., Miami, FL 33149 , USA 2 & Derek P. Manzello 3 Vicorob Institute, University of Girona , Girona , Spain 4 Department of Physics, University of Miami , 1320 Campo ... Derek P. Manzello have contributed equally to this work. Introduction Annual coral bleaching is the greatest future threat to global coral reef health. Mass coral bleaching, the breakdown of the

Elevated Colonization of Microborers at a Volcanically Acidified Coral Reef

Experiments have demonstrated that ocean acidification (OA) conditions projected to occur by the end of the century will slow the calcification of numerous coral species and accelerate the biological erosion of reef habitats (bioerosion). Microborers, which bore holes less than 100 μm diameter, are one of the most pervasive agents of bioerosion and are present throughout all...

Ocean Acidification Refugia of the Florida Reef Tract

Ocean acidification (OA) is expected to reduce the calcification rates of marine organisms, yet we have little understanding of how OA will manifest within dynamic, real-world systems. Natural CO2, alkalinity, and salinity gradients can significantly alter local carbonate chemistry, and thereby create a range of susceptibility for different ecosystems to OA. As such, there is a...