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Improving the community-temperature index as a climate change indicator

anonymous reviewers for comments on a previous version of the manuscript. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Diana Bowler, Katrin BoÈhning-Gaese. Data curation: Diana Bowler. Formal analysis: Diana ... Bowler. Funding acquisition: Diana Bowler, Katrin BoÈhning-Gaese. Investigation: Diana Bowler. Methodology: Diana Bowler. Project administration: Diana Bowler. Supervision: Katrin BoÈhning-Gaese

How effective is ‘greening’ of urban areas in reducing human exposure to ground-level ozone concentrations, UV exposure and the ‘urban heat island effect’? A protocol to update a systematic review

Background The impact of climate change on public health may occur through a number of main pathways including increased temperature, ground-level ozone levels and ultra-violet radiation, which have a range of consequences for human health. One strategy for adaptation to the predicted effects of climate change on health that has been proposed, is to ‘green’ urban areas...