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Inverse dynamics of mechanical multibody systems: An improved algorithm that ensures consistency between kinematics and external forces

Conceptualization: Herre Faber. Funding acquisition: Dinant A. Kistemaker. Methodology: Herre Faber, Arthur J. van Soest, Dinant A. Kistemaker. Software: Herre Faber. Supervision: Arthur J. van Soest, Dinant A ... . Kistemaker. Validation: Herre Faber. Visualization: Herre Faber. Writing ± original draft: Herre Faber, Arthur J. van Soest, Dinant A. Kistemaker. Writing ± review & editing: Herre Faber, Arthur J. van

Optimizing the Distribution of Leg Muscles for Vertical Jumping

A goal of biomechanics and motor control is to understand the design of the human musculoskeletal system. Here we investigated human functional morphology by making predictions about the muscle volume distribution that is optimal for a specific motor task. We examined a well-studied and relatively simple human movement, vertical jumping. We investigated how high a human could...

In Vivo Dynamics of the Musculoskeletal System Cannot Be Adequately Described Using a Stiffness-Damping-Inertia Model

Background Visco-elastic properties of the (neuro-)musculoskeletal system play a fundamental role in the control of posture and movement. Often, these properties are described and identified using stiffness-damping-inertia (KBI) models. In such an approach, perturbations are applied to the (neuro-)musculoskeletal system and subsequently KBI-model parameters are optimized to...