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Breastfeeding and maternal cardiovascular risk factors and outcomes: A systematic review

Cochrane collaboration for assessing risk of Author Contributions Conceptualization: Binh Nguyen, Kai Jin, Ding Ding. Data curation: Binh Nguyen. Formal analysis: Binh Nguyen, Kai Jin. Investigation ... : Binh Nguyen. Methodology: Binh Nguyen, Ding Ding. Supervision: Ding Ding. Visualization: Binh Nguyen, Ding Ding. Writing ± original draft: Binh Nguyen, Kai Jin, Ding Ding. Writing ± review & editing

The knowledge spillover theory of intrapreneurship

Introducing the Knowledge Spillover Theory of Intrapreneurship, we examine how labour mobility impacts innovation distributed by firm size. A matched employer-employee dataset, pooled with firm-level patent application data, is implemented in the analysis. We provide new evidence that knowledge workers’ mobility has a positive and strongly significant impact on all firms’ ...

The acute physiological stress response to driving: A systematic review

-term implications on health. Supporting information S1 Table. PRISMA checklist. (DOC) Author Contributions Conceptualization: Michael Antoun, Kate M. Edwards, Ding Ding. Formal analysis: Michael ... Antoun, Ding Ding. Funding acquisition: Ding Ding. Investigation: Michael Antoun, Kate M. Edwards, Joanna Sweeting, Ding Ding. Methodology: Kate M. Edwards, Joanna Sweeting, Ding Ding. Project

Users’ participation and social influence during information spreading on Twitter

data. The solid envelope line follows power law distribution, y = axb, where a = 2308.4 ± 2.6 and b = 5.79 ± 0.012. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Xin Zhang, Ding-Ding Han. Data curation: Xin ... . Project administration: Ding-Ding Han. Writing ± original draft: Xin Zhang, Ding-Ding Han, Ruiqi Yang, Ziqiao Zhang. Writing ± review & editing: Xin Zhang, Ding-Ding Han, Ruiqi Yang, Ziqiao Zhang. 15 / 17

The prognostic role of the cancer stem cell marker CD44 in ovarian cancer: a meta-analysis

Background CD44 has recently been reported as a cancer stem cell marker in ovarian cancer. However, the clinicopathological and prognostic value of this marker in ovarian cancer remains controversial; Here, we aimed to investigate the correlation between CD44 expression and the clinicopathological features or survival of ovarian cancer patients. Methods An extensive literature ...

Risk factors for seizure reoccurrence after withdrawal from antiepileptic drugs in individuals who have been seizure-free for over 2 years

Conceptualization: XingHua Tang, Guoxing Zhu, Zhen Hong. Data curation: XingHua Tang, Ping Wang. 9 / 11 Formal analysis: XingHua Tang, Ding Ding. Funding acquisition: Peimin Yu. Investigation: XingHua Tang, Peimin ... Yu, Yan Ge, Yunbo Shi, Ping Wang. Methodology: Peimin Yu, Ding Ding, Zhen Hong. Project administration: Peimin Yu, Zhen Hong. Resources: Peimin Yu, Zhen Hong. Software: XingHua Tang, Yan Ge

Multiple lifestyle behaviours and mortality, findings from a large population-based Norwegian cohort study - The HUNT Study

. Funding Ding Ding is funded by an Early Career Fellowship from National Health and Medical Research Council (APP1072223). The other co-authors received no external funding. Availability of data and

Association between olfactory identification and cognitive function in community-dwelling elderly: the Shanghai aging study

Background The smell sense reduction was considered to represent the potentially warning of early stage of neurodegenerative disorders. The Shanghai Aging Study provided us a unique opportunity to explore the association between olfactory identification (OI) and cognitive function among community-dwelling elderly in China. Methods OI of each participant was measured by the 12-item ...

Yoga practice in England 1997-2008: prevalence, temporal trends, and correlates of participation

Background Yoga is a holistic practice that may offer several health benefits. No study has examined the prevalence, temporal trends, or correlates of yoga practice at the population level in a European country and very few such studies exist worldwide. The objective of the study is to examine the prevalence, trends and correlates of yoga practice in England between 1997 and 2008. ...

Anxiety and depression symptoms among caregivers of care-recipients with subjective cognitive decline and cognitive impairment

Fang Li 1 Ding Ding Qianhua Zhao Zhen Hong 0 Department of Biostatistics, School of Public Health, Fudan University , Shanghai 200032 , China 1 Department of Gerontology, Fuxing Hospital, Capital

Tranylcypromine, a lysine-specific demethylase 1 (LSD1) inhibitor, suppresses lesion growth and improves generalized hyperalgesia in mouse with induced endometriosis

Background Growing evidence indicates that endometriosis is an epigenetic disease. Encouragingly, histone deacetylases (HDACs) and DNA methyltransferases have been shown to be promising targets by numerous in vitro studies. However, only a few studies have shown promising effects of HDAC inhibition in preclinical studies in endometriosis. While lysine-specific demethylase 1 (LSD1) ...

Neighbourhood walkability, road density and socio-economic status in Sydney, Australia

Background Planning and transport agencies play a vital role in influencing the design of townscapes, travel modes and travel behaviors, which in turn impact on the walkability of neighbourhoods and residents’ physical activity opportunities. Optimising neighbourhood walkability is desirable in built environments, however, the population health benefits of walkability may be offset ...

A Widening Gap? Changes in Multiple Lifestyle Risk Behaviours by Socioeconomic Status in New South Wales, Australia, 2002–2012

Background Socioeconomic inequalities in health outcomes have increased over the past few decades in some countries. However, the trends in inequalities related to multiple health risk behaviours have been infrequently reported. In this study, we examined the trends in individual health risk behaviours and a summary lifestyle risk index in New South Wales, Australia, and whether ...

Patient Satisfaction with Hospital Inpatient Care: Effects of Trust, Medical Insurance and Perceived Quality of Care

Objective Deteriorations in the patient-provider relationship in China have attracted increasing attention in the international community. This study aims to explore the role of trust in patient satisfaction with hospital inpatient care, and how patient-provider trust is shaped from the perspectives of both patients and providers. Methods We adopted a mixed methods approach ...

Development of a Publicly Available, Comprehensive Database of Fiber and Health Outcomes: Rationale and Methods

Background Dietary fiber is a broad category of compounds historically defined as partially or completely indigestible plant-based carbohydrates and lignin with, more recently, the additional criteria that fibers incorporated into foods as additives should demonstrate functional human health outcomes to receive a fiber classification. Thousands of research studies have been ...

Fruit and vegetable consumption and all-cause mortality: evidence from a large Australian cohort study

Background There is growing evidence for a relationship between fruit and vegetable consumption and all-cause mortality. Few studies, however, specifically explored consuming raw versus cooked vegetables in relation to health and mortality outcomes. The purpose of this study was to examine the relation of all-cause mortality with: a) fruit and vegetable consumption, either combined ...

Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate and Mortality among Patients with Coronary Heart Disease

Objective The association between estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) and the risk of mortality among patients with coronary heart disease (CHD) is complex and still unclear. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of eGFR on the risk prediction of all-cause and cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality with a long follow-up period among patients with CHD in China. ...

Traditional and Emerging Lifestyle Risk Behaviors and All-Cause Mortality in Middle-Aged and Older Adults: Evidence from a Large Population-Based Australian Cohort

Background Lifestyle risk behaviors are responsible for a large proportion of disease burden worldwide. Behavioral risk factors, such as smoking, poor diet, and physical inactivity, tend to cluster within populations and may have synergistic effects on health. As evidence continues to accumulate on emerging lifestyle risk factors, such as prolonged sitting and unhealthy sleep ...