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Exact solutions and critical chaos in dilaton gravity with a boundary

We consider (1 + 1)-dimensional dilaton gravity with a reflecting dynamical boundary. The boundary cuts off the region of strong coupling and makes our model causally similar to the spherically-symmetric sector of multidimensional gravity. We demonstrate that this model is exactly solvable at the classical level and possesses an on-shell SL(2, ℝ) symmetry. After introducing general ...

High-energy limit of collision-induced false vacuum decay

We develop a consistent semiclassical description of field-theoretic collision-induced tunneling at arbitrary high collision energies. As a playground we consider a (1 + 1)-dimensional false vacuum decay initiated by a collision of N particles at energy E, paying special attention to the realistic case of N = 2 particles. We demonstrate that the cross section of this process is ...

Semiclassical S-matrix for black holes

We propose a semiclassical method to calculate \( \mathcal{S} \)-matrix elements for two-stage gravitational transitions involving matter collapse into a black hole and evaporation of the latter. The method consistently incorporates back-reaction of the collapsing and emitted quanta on the metric. We illustrate the method in several toy models describing spherical self-gravitating ...