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MR Imaging Evaluation of Intracerebral Hemorrhages and T2 Hyperintense White Matter Lesions Appearing after Radiation Therapy in Adult Patients with Primary Brain Tumors

Hyun Yoo, email: psydong8@gmail. com) for tabulated data with limited information (deidentified and coded). Funding: This study was supported by a grant from Korea Healthcare Technology R&D Projects ... images, which is the most important material in our study, cannot be made available to another person or party due to legal restriction by Korean medical law. The reader may contact one of the author (Dong

Statistical tests for identifying differentially expressed genes in time-course microarray experiments

Motivation: Microarray technology allows the monitoring of expression levels for thousands of genes simultaneously. In time-course experiments in which gene expression is monitored over time, we are interested in testing gene expression profiles for different experimental groups. However, no sophisticated analytic methods have yet been proposed to handle time-course experiment...