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Holographic micro thermofield geometries of BTZ black holes

We find general deformations of BTZ spacetime and identify the corresponding thermofield initial states of the dual CFT. We deform the geometry by introducing bulk fields dual to primary operators and find the back-reacted gravity solutions to the quadratic order of the deformation parameter. The dual thermofield initial states can be deformed by inserting arbitrary linear ...

Witten indices of abelian M5 brane on \( \mathbb{R}\times {S}^5 \)

Witten indices and partition functions are computed for abelian 6d tensor and hypermultiplets on \( \mathbb{R}\times {S}^5 \) in Lorentzian signature in an R gauge field background which preserves some supersymmetry. We consider a general supersymmetric squashing that also admits squashing of the Hopf fiber. Wick rotation to Euclidean M5 brane amounts to Wick rotation of squashing ...

Conformal Janus on Euclidean sphere

We interpret Janus as an interface in a conformal field theory and study its properties. The Janus is created by an exactly marginal operator and we study its effect on the interface conformal field theory on the Janus. We do this by utilizing the AdS/CFT correspondence. We compute the interface free energy both from leading correction to the Euclidean action in the dual gravity ...

Partially twisted superconformal M5 brane in R-symmetry gauge field backgrounds

We obtain the action for a curved superconformal abelian M5 brane with the background R-symmetry gauge field turned on. We then restrict ourselves to superconformal M5 brane on a sphere times flat Minkowski space. We choose R-symmetry SO(1, 4) instead of SO(5), which enables us to partially twist on Minkowski space and replace it by some curved Lorentzian manifold. We obtain M5 ...

The geometric Langlands twist in five and six dimensions

Abelian 6d (2,0) theory has SO(5) R symmetry. We twist this theory by identifying the R symmetry group with the SO(5) subgroup of the SO(1,5) Lorentz group. This twisted theory can be put on any five-manifold M, times R, while preserving one scalar supercharge. We subsequently assume the existence of one unit normalized Killing vector field on M, and we find a corresponding SO(4) ...

Elliptic genera of monopole strings

We obtain elliptic genera of monopole string in 5d MSYM. We find agreement with the corresponding TST-dual dyonic-instanton single particle indices in arXiv:​1110.​2175. We make use of (2,2) superconformal algebra and its spectral flow, and the agreement can therefore be taken as evidence that monopole string (4,4) sigma models are exactly quantum superconformal.

Multi-faced black Janus and entanglement

Dongsu Bak 0 Hyunsoo Min 0 0 Physics Department, University of Seoul , Seoul 130-743, Korea To the second order of the deformation parameter, we construct the black brane solutions, which are dual

Janus black holes

In this paper Janus black holes in A dS 3 are considered. These are static solutions of an Einstein-scalar system with broken translation symmetry along the horizon. These solutions are dual to interface conformal field theories at finite temperature. An approximate solution is first constructed using perturbation theory around a planar BTZ blackhole. Numerical and exact solutions ...