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Racism and health in New Zealand: Prevalence over time and associations between recent experience of racism and health and wellbeing measures using national survey data

New Zealand data lab. The results presented in this study are the work of the authors, not Statistics NZ. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Ricci B. Harris, Donna M. Cormack. Data curation ... : James Stanley. Formal analysis: James Stanley. Funding acquisition: Ricci B. Harris, James Stanley, Donna M. Cormack. Investigation: Ricci B. Harris, James Stanley, Donna M. Cormack. Methodology: Ricci

Investigating the Relationship between Socially-Assigned Ethnicity, Racial Discrimination and Health Advantage in New Zealand

Background While evidence of the contribution of racial discrimination to ethnic health disparities has increased significantly, there has been less research examining relationships between ascribed racial/ethnic categories and health. It has been hypothesized that in racially-stratified societies being assigned as belonging to the dominant racial/ethnic group may be associated...

The relationship between socially-assigned ethnicity, health and experience of racial discrimination for Māori: analysis of the 2006/07 New Zealand Health Survey

Donna M Cormack 0 James Stanley 0 0 Equal contributors University of Otago , PO Box 7343, Wellington, Wellington South 6242 , New Zealand Background: In New Zealand, there are significant and long