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Spatial limits of visuotactile interactions in the presence and absence of tactile stimulation

Natural Sciences and Psychology, Liverpool John Moores University , Tom Reilly Building, Byrom Street, Liverpool , UK 1 Donna M. Lloyd 2 Ellen Poliakoff 3 Laura Mirams 4 School of Psychology, University of

Changing the size of a mirror-reflected hand moderates the experience of embodiment but not proprioceptive drift: a repeated measures study on healthy human participants

Mirror visual feedback is used for reducing pain and visually distorting the size of the reflection may improve efficacy. The findings of studies investigating size distortion are inconsistent. The influence of the size of the reflected hand on embodiment of the mirror reflection is not known. The aim of this study was to compare the effect of magnifying and minifying mirror...

Increased Pain Intensity Is Associated with Greater Verbal Communication Difficulty and Increased Production of Speech and Co-Speech Gestures

Effective pain communication is essential if adequate treatment and support are to be provided. Pain communication is often multimodal, with sufferers utilising speech, nonverbal behaviours (such as facial expressions), and co-speech gestures (bodily movements, primarily of the hands and arms that accompany speech and can convey semantic information) to communicate their...

Crossmodal links between audition and touch in covert endogenous spatial attention

We report three experiments designed to investigate the nature of any crossmodal links between audition and touch in sustained endogenous covert spatial attention, using the orthogonal spatial cuing paradigm. Participants discriminated the elevation (up vs. down) of auditory and tactile targets presented to either the left or the right of fixation. In Experiment 1, targets were...