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Superconformal blocks for SCFTs with eight supercharges

We show how to treat the superconformal algebras with eight Poincaré super-charges in a unified manner for spacetime dimension 2 < d ≤ 6. This formalism is ideally suited for analyzing the quadratic Casimir operator of the superconformal algebra and its use in deriving superconformal blocks. We illustrate this by an explicit construction of the superconformal blocks, for any...

Defects in conformal field theory

We discuss consequences of the breaking of conformal symmetry by a flat or spherical extended operator. We adapt the embedding formalism to the study of correlation functions of symmetric traceless tensors in the presence of the defect. Two-point functions of a bulk and a defect primary are fixed by conformal invariance up to a set of OPE coefficients, and we identify the allowed...