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Backreacting D-brane instantons on branes at singularities

Non-perturbative D-brane instanton effects in 4d \( \mathcal{N}=1 \) string compactifications can be geometrized in terms of a backreacted generalized geometry. We extend earlier results to setups in which the D-brane instanton is charged under the 4d gauge symmetries, and show that the backreacted topology yields the correct charged field theory operators in the 4d effective ...

On the 3-form formulation of axion potentials from D-brane instantons

The study of axion models and quantum corrections to their potential has experienced great progress by phrasing the axion potential in terms of a 3-form field eating up the 2-form field dual to the axion. Such reformulation of the axion potential has been described for axion monodromy models and for axion potentials from non-perturbative gauge dynamics. In this paper we propose a ...