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Bio-Occlusive Gauze with Tegaderm: A Dressing for Surgical Wounds in Primary THA and TKA

10, 2017 Reviewed December 15 , 2017 Revised December 20 , 2017 Accepted December 21, 2017 Published December 31 , 2017 1 Madhav Chowdhry , Matthew Dipane, Edward J . McPherson LA Orthopedic Institute

The Incidence of Dislocation (Utilizing a Neck Sparing Stem) in Community Based Practices with the Posterior Approach

Purpose. To evaluate early and mid-term risk factors and dislocation rates in the posterior surgical approach in three separate community private practices using a short curved neck-sparing total hip stem design.Material and Methods.The three senior authors performed 338 short curved neck-sparing stem designs since April 2010 to June 2014.  Various cementless acetabular...