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Public Regulation of the Religious Use of Land

RELIGIOUS USE OF LAND by James E. Curry The Michele Co., Virginia, 1964. Pp. 429. $12.50. Reviewed by EDWARD T. FAGAN* This book is an exhaustive manual of law for persons engaged in the litigation of

The International Secretariat of Lawyers of Pax Romana

Religion Law Commons Recommended Citation - Article 5 THE INTERNATIONAL SECRETARIAT OF LAWYERS OF PAX ROMANA EDWARD T. FAGAN* HAS LONG BEEN THE HOPE of many Catholic lawyers in the United States

Obscenity Control and Minors - The Case for a Separate Standard

Standard EDWARD T. FAGAN*t Introduction HE LONG ANTICIPATED CLARIFICATION of what is meant by totally suppressible obscene material' was finally made last June by the United States Supreme Court

The Goble-Kenealy Discussion - Two Comments

Comments EDWARD T. FAGAN, JR.* N MY OPINION, a commentary from the side-lines is in order at this point in the debate currently featured in THE CATHOLIC LAWYER between Professor Goble and Father Kenealy

The Natural Law and Distributive Justice

allocates to each an identical share of the product. Since such a society is based solely on materialistic tenets, it becomes a collectivity with no other hierachy than that of the economic system. EDwARD T ... . FAGAN, JR. It has only one goal: the production of material things by collective labor. The participatory share or allocation which it distributes to the individual is therefore confined to a portion of

Sales and Security Law

By Edward T. Fagan Jr., Published on 05/22/13

Notice and the Endorsing Fiduciary

:// e.awview VOLUME XXX MAY, 1956 NUMBER 2 NOTICE AND THE ENDORSING FIDUCIARY EDWARD T. FAGAN, JR. T HAS long been recognized that the "fair haired favorites" of Anglo-American law are

The Law of Modern Commercial Practices (Book Review)

commercial law. EDWARD T. FAGAN.* This edition of one of the most widely used equity casebooks is a fitting successor to its illustrious predecessors. However, while this edition evidences a thorough and

Legal Education at St. John's: A Modern Approach

:// Recommended Citation EDWARD T. FAGAN INTRODUCTION T HERE is, and always will be, disagreement among legal educators as to the best methods of training students for leadership in the ... VOLUME XXXIII STUDENT ASSOCIATE EDITORS STUDENT RESEARCH ASSISTANTS ADVISORY BOARD Director,Edward T. Fagan * Associate Director,Rose M. Trapani * Consultant,Harold F. McNiece Consultant,Rev. William