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One-two punch mechanism of gene repression: a fresh perspective on gene regulation

Cellular differentiation depends on temporally controlled waves of gene activation and inactivation that ultimately transform one cell type into another. It is well established that transcription factor cascades coordinate the timely activation of gene expression clusters during development. In comparison, much less is understood about how gene repression events are coordinated...

Meiosis I chromosome segregation is established through regulation of microtubule–kinetochore interactions

members of the Amon lab for their critical reading of this manuscript. Matthew P Miller, Elçin Ünal, Gloria A Brar, Angelika Amon Matthew P Miller, Elçin Ünal, Gloria A Brar, Angelika Amon The funders had

A Multi-Step Pathway for the Establishment of Sister Chromatid Cohesion

The cohesion of sister chromatids is mediated by cohesin, a protein complex containing members of the structural maintenance of chromosome (Smc) family. How cohesins tether sister chromatids is not yet understood. Here, we mutate SMC1, the gene encoding a cohesin subunit of budding yeast, by random insertion dominant negative mutagenesis to generate alleles that are highly...