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Variation in photosynthesis and stomatal conductance among red maple (Acer rubrum) urban planted cultivars and wildtype trees in the southeastern United States

Contributions Conceptualization: Eleanor C. Lahr, Robert R. Dunn, Steven D. Frank. Formal analysis: Eleanor C. Lahr. Funding acquisition: Robert R. Dunn, Steven D. Frank. Investigation: Eleanor C. Lahr ... . Methodology: Eleanor C. Lahr. Project administration: Eleanor C. Lahr. Resources: Robert R. Dunn, Steven D. Frank. Supervision: Robert R. Dunn, Steven D. Frank. Visualization: Eleanor C. Lahr. 15 / 18

Conifer Stored Resources and Resistance to a Fungus Associated with the Spruce Bark Beetle Ips typographus

Bark beetles and associated fungi are among the greatest natural threats to conifers worldwide. Conifers have potent defenses, but resistance to beetles and fungal pathogens may be reduced if tree stored resources are consumed by fungi rather than used for tree defense. Here, we assessed the relationship between tree stored resources and resistance to Ceratocystis polonica, a...