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Listening to a conversation with aggressive content expands the interpersonal space

analysis: Eleonora Vagnoni, Jessica Lewis. Methodology: Flavia Cardini. Software: Ana Tajadura-JimeÂnez. Supervision: Flavia Cardini. Writing ± original draft: Eleonora Vagnoni. Writing ± review ... & editing: Eleonora Vagnoni, Ana Tajadura-JimeÂnez, Flavia Cardini. 9 / 13 10 / 13 11 / 13 50. Dosey M. A., & Meisels M. (1969). Personal space and self-protection. J Pers Soc Psychol 11: 93. PMID: 5778351

Action ability modulates time-to-collision judgments

London , London , UK 3 Eleonora Vagnoni Time-to-collision (TTC) underestimation has been interpreted as an adaptive response that allows observers to have more time to engage in a defensive behaviour