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Immunomodulation in the canine endometrium by uteropathogenic Escherichia coli

This study was designed to evaluate the role of E. coli α-hemolysin (HlyA) in the pathogenesis of canine pyometra, and on the immune response of canine endometrial epithelial and stromal cells. In Experiment 1, the clinical, hematological, biochemical and uterine histological characteristics of β-hemolytic and non-hemolytic E. coli pyometra bitches were compared. More (p < 0.05) ...

Disruption of 3D MCF-12A Breast Cell Cultures by Estrogens – An In Vitro Model for ER-Mediated Changes Indicative of Hormonal Carcinogenesis

Introduction Estrogens regulate the proliferation of normal and neoplastic breast epithelium. Although the intracellular mechanisms of estrogens in the breast are largely understood, little is known about how they induce changes in the structure of the mammary epithelium, which are characteristic of breast cancer. In vitro three dimensional (3D) cultures of immortalised breast ...

Extending the Applicability of the Dose Addition Model to the Assessment of Chemical Mixtures of Partial Agonists by Using a Novel Toxic Unit Extrapolation Method

Martin Scholze 0 Elisabete Silva 0 Andreas Kortenkamp 0 Angel Nadal, Universidad Miguel Hernandez de Elche, Spain 0 Institute for the Environment, Brunel University , Uxbridge, Middlesex , United Kingdom

In Vivo Notch Signaling Blockade Induces Abnormal Spermatogenesis in the Mouse

In a previous study we identified active Notch signaling in key cellular events occurring at adult spermatogenesis. In this study, we evaluated the function of Notch signaling in spermatogenesis through the effects of in vivo Notch blockade. Adult CD1 male mice were either submitted to a long term DAPT (?-secretase inhibitor) or vehicle treatment. Treatment duration was designed to ...

Reference Ranges for Uterine Artery Pulsatility Index during the Menstrual Cycle: A Cross-Sectional Study

Background Cyclic endometrial neoangiogenesis contributes to changes in local vascular patterns and is amenable to non-invasive assessment with Doppler sonography. We hypothesize that the uterine artery (UtA) impedance, measured by its pulsatility index (PI), exhibits a regular pattern during the normal menstrual cycle. Therefore, the main study objective was to derive normative ...

Dynamics of Notch Pathway Expression during Mouse Testis Post-Natal Development and along the Spermatogenic Cycle

The transcription and expression patterns of Notch pathway components (Notch 1–3, Delta1 and 4, Jagged1) and effectors (Hes1, Hes2, Hes5 and Nrarp) were evaluated (through RT-PCR and IHC) in the mouse testis at key moments of post-natal development, and along the adult spermatogenic cycle. Notch pathway components and effectors are transcribed in the testis and expressed in germ, ...

Estrogens and genomic instability in human breast cancer cells—involvement of Src/Raf/Erk signaling in micronucleus formation by estrogenic chemicals

Alena Kabil 0 Elisabete Silva 0 Andreas Kortenkamp 0 0 The School of Pharmacy, University of London, Center for Toxicology 29-39 Brunswick Square , London WC1N 1AX, UK To whom correspondence should

Joint Effects of Heterogeneous Estrogenic Chemicals in the E-Screen—Exploring the Applicability of Concentration Addition

In the last few years, significant advances have been made toward understanding the joint action of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). A number of studies have demonstrated that the combined effects of different types of EDCs (e.g., estrogenic, antiandrogenic, or thyroid-disrupting agents) can be predicted by the model of concentration addition (CA). However, there is still ...