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A novel gel liner system with embedded electrodes for use with upper limb myoelectric prostheses

application process were supplied through a collaboration with ALPS South, LLC. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Timothy Reissman, Elizabeth Halsne, Robert Lipschutz, Todd Kuiken. Data curation ... : Timothy Reissman, Elizabeth Halsne, Laura Miller. Formal analysis: Timothy Reissman, Todd Kuiken. Funding acquisition: Timothy Reissman, Todd Kuiken. Methodology: Timothy Reissman. Supervision: Todd

Unrestricted migration favours virulent pathogens in experimental metapopulations: evolutionary genetics of a rapacious life history

Understanding pathogen infectivity and virulence requires combining insights from epidemiology, ecology, evolution and genetics. Although theoretical work in these fields has identified population structure as important for pathogen life-history evolution, experimental tests are scarce. Here, we explore the impact of population structure on life-history evolution in phage T4, a...