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The Effects of Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme on Maternal and Infant Health Care Utilization

Increasing equitable access to health care is a main challenge African policy makers are facing. The Ghanaian government implemented the National Health Insurance Scheme in 2004 and the aim of this study is to evaluate its early effects on maternal and infant healthcare use. We exploit data on births before and after the intervention and apply propensity score matching to limit...

Economic consequences of ill-health for households in northern rural India

Background As compared to other countries in South East Asia, India’s health care system is characterized by very high out of pocket payments, and consequently low financial protection and access to care. This paper describes the relative importance of ill-health compared to other adverse events, the conduits through which ill-health affects household welfare and the coping...

Healthcare seeking behaviour among self-help group households in Rural Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, India

Bharti and Nidan) as well as the respondents. Ellen Van de Poel is supported by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, Innovational Research Incentives Scheme, Veni project 451-11-031. We

Does the distribution of healthcare utilization match needs in Africa?

An equitable distribution of healthcare use, distributed according to people’s needs instead of ability to pay, is an important goal featuring on many health policy agendas worldwide. However, relatively little is known about the extent to which this principle is violated across socio-economic groups in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). We examine cross-country comparative micro-data...

Reconciling research and implementation in micro health insurance experiments in India: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Background Microinsurance or Community-Based Health Insurance is a promising healthcare financing mechanism, which is increasingly applied to aid rural poor persons in low-income countries. Robust empirical evidence on the causal relations between Community-Based Health Insurance and healthcare utilisation, financial protection and other areas is scarce and necessary. This paper...

Quantifying the Impoverishing Effects of Purchasing Medicines: A Cross-Country Comparison of the Affordability of Medicines in the Developing World

afford. medicines is Supporting Information Alternative Language Abstract S1 Abstract translated into French by Ellen Van de Poel and Gabriela Flores. Found at: doi:10.1371/journal.pmed.1000333.s001 (0.02

Malnutrition and the disproportional burden on the poor: the case of Ghana

, Owen O'Donnell, Eddy van Doorslaer and participants at the UNU-WIDER conference on Advancing Health Equity for useful comments. Ellen Van de Poel acknowledges the University of Antwerp and the World