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The Role of Specificity and Apologies in Excuse Messages Following Train Delay

About the Authors Emiel Cracco is a Ph.D. student at the Department of Experimental Psychology of Ghent University. His doctoral research focuses on action observation in social interactions that include

Mimicry and automatic imitation are not correlated

Bossche. Formal analysis: Oliver Genschow, Emiel Cracco. Funding acquisition: Oliver Genschow. Investigation: Sofie van Den Bossche. Methodology: Oliver Genschow, Sofie van Den Bossche, Emiel Cracco ... Genschow, Sofie van Den Bossche, Emiel Cracco, Lara Bardi, Davide Rigoni, Marcel Brass. Writing ± review & editing: Oliver Genschow, Sofie van Den Bossche, Emiel Cracco. 17 / 21 18 / 21 19 / 21 20 / 21 1

Validation of the FEEL-KJ: An Instrument to Measure Emotion Regulation Strategies in Children and Adolescents

Although the field of emotion regulation in children and adolescents is growing, there is need for age-adjusted measures that assess a large variety of strategies. An interesting instrument in this respect is the FEEL-KJ because it measures 7 adaptive and 5 maladaptive emotion regulation strategies in response to three different emotions. However, the FEEL-KJ has not yet been...