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Only giving orders? An experimental study of the sense of agency when giving or receiving commands

behavioural data reported in this paper have been published on Open Science Framework (OSF±DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/478TJ) Formal analysis: Emilie A. Caspar. Funding acquisition: Axel Cleeremans, Patrick Haggard ... . Investigation: Emilie A. Caspar. Methodology: Emilie A. Caspar. Project administration: Emilie A. Caspar. Resources: Emilie A. Caspar. 21 / 24 Software: Emilie A. Caspar. Supervision: Axel Cleeremans, Patrick

The Sense of Agency as Tracking Control

Does sense of agency (SoA) arise merely from action-outcome associations, or does an additional real-time process track each step along the chain? Tracking control predicts that deviant intermediate steps between action and outcome should reduce SoA. In two experiments, participants learned mappings between two finger actions and two tones. In later test blocks, actions triggered...

Placebo-Suggestion Modulates Conflict Resolution in the Stroop Task

Here, we ask whether placebo-suggestion (without any form of hypnotic induction) can modulate the resolution of cognitive conflict. Naïve participants performed a Stroop Task while wearing an EEG cap described as a “brain wave” machine. In Experiment 1, participants were made to believe that the EEG cap would either enhance or decrease their color perception and performance on...