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Exome sequencing in schizophrenic patients with high levels of homozygosity identifies novel and extremely rare mutations in the GABA/glutamatergic pathways

Foundation NARSAD grant 20751 to Dr. Chiara Magri, by the Health Authority of the regional administration of Lombardy (Project 153) to Prof. Emilio Sacchetti, English editing costs were covered by Grant ÂȘNew ... Giacopuzzi, Chiara Magri. Funding acquisition: Edoardo Giacopuzzi, Emilio Sacchetti, Chiara Magri. Investigation: Edoardo Giacopuzzi, Michele Traversa, Cristian Bonvicini. Project administration: Chiara Magri

Schizophrenia susceptibility and NMDA-receptor mediated signalling: an association study involving 32 tagSNPs of DAO, DAOA, PPP3CC, and DTNBP1 genes

Background Recent studies supported associations between four NMDA-receptor-mediated signalling genes (D-amino acid oxidase, DAO; D-amino acid oxidase activator, DAOA; protein phosphatase 3 catalytic subunit gamma isoform, PPP3CC; dystrobrevin-binding protein 1, DTNBP1) and schizophrenia susceptibility, even though with contrasting results. Methods In an attempt to replicate...

Self-ordered pointing and visual conditional associative learning tasks in drug-free schizophrenia spectrum disorder patients

Background There is evidence of a link between schizophrenia and a deficit of working memory, but this has been derived from tasks not specifically developed to probe working memory per se. Our aim was to investigate whether working memory deficits may be detected across different paradigms using the self-ordered pointing task (SOPT) and the visual conditional associative...

New Copy Number Variations in Schizophrenia

Genome-wide screenings for copy number variations (CNVs) in patients with schizophrenia have demonstrated the presence of several CNVs that increase the risk of developing the disease and a growing number of large rare CNVs; the contribution of these rare CNVs to schizophrenia remains unknown. Using Affymetrix 6.0 arrays, we undertook a systematic search for CNVs in 172 patients...