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Which processes are behind the relationship between species abundance and environmental suitability? Monte Albo cave salamander as model species

potential use of cave animals as model species to answer macroecological questions. Biospeleology, modelling, environmental suitability, body condition, Sardinia, amphibia Presenting author Enrico Lunghi

Is the Italian stream frog (Rana italica Dubois, 1987) an opportunistic exploiter of cave twilight zone?

areas characterized by a combination of microclimatic suitability and prey availability. - Copyright Enrico Lunghi et al. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative

New constraints and discovery potential for Higgs to Higgs cascade decays through vectorlike leptons

One of the cleanest signatures of a heavy Higgs boson in models with vectorlike leptons is \( H\to {e}_{{}^4}^{\pm }{\ell}^{\mp}\to h{\ell}^{+}{\ell}^{-} \) which, in two Higgs doublet model type-II, can even be the dominant decay mode of heavy Higgses. Among the decay modes of the standard model like Higgs boson, h, we consider \( b\overline{b} \) and γγ as representative...

New decay modes of heavy Higgs bosons in a two Higgs doublet model with vectorlike leptons

In models with extended Higgs sector and additional matter fields, the decay modes of heavy Higgs bosons can be dominated by cascade decays through the new fermions rendering present search strategies ineffective. We investigate new decay topologies of heavy neutral Higgses in two Higgs doublet model with vectorlike leptons. We also discus constraints from existing searches and...

Two Higgs doublet model with vectorlike leptons and contributions to pp → W W and H → W W

We study a two Higgs doublet model extended by vectorlike leptons mixing with one family of standard model leptons. Generated flavor violating couplings between heavy and light leptons can dramatically alter the decay patterns of heavier Higgs bosons. We focus on pp → H → ν 4 ν μ → W μν μ , where ν 4 is a new neutral lepton, and study possible effects of this process on the...

Contributions of flavor violating couplings of a Higgs boson to pp → W W

distributions fit nicely the experimentally determined ones. This scenario can arise for example in a two Higgs doublet model with vectorlike leptons. Radovan Derm´ıˇsek; Enrico Lunghi and Seodong Shin

Inclusive \( \overline{B}\to {X}_s{\ell}^{+}{\ell}^{-} \) : complete angular analysis and a thorough study of collinear photons

We investigate logarithmically enhanced electromagnetic corrections of all angular observables in inclusive \( \overline{B}\to {X}_s{\ell}^{+}{\ell}^{-} \). We present analytical results, which are supplemented by a dedicated Monte Carlo study on the treatment of collinear photons in order to determine the size of the electromagnetic logarithms. We then give the Standard Model...

Limits on vectorlike leptons from searches for anomalous production of multi-lepton events

We consider extensions of the Standard Model by vectorlike leptons and set limits on a new charged lepton, e 4 ± , using the ATLAS search for anomalous production of multi-lepton events. It is assumed that only one Standard Model lepton, namely the muon, dominantly mixes with vectorlike leptons resulting in possible decays e 4 ± → W ± ν μ , e 4 ± → Zμ ±, and e 4 ± → hμ ±. We...

A new avenue to charged Higgs discovery in multi-Higgs models

Current searches for the charged Higgs at the LHC focus only on the τν, cs, and tb final states. Instead, we consider the process pp → Φ → W ± H ∓ → W + W − A where Φ is a heavy neutral Higgs boson, H ± is a charged Higgs boson, and A is a light Higgs boson, with mass either below or above the \( b\overline{b} \) threshold. The cross-section for this process is typically large...