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Unusual polyphosphate inclusions observed in a marine Beggiatoa strain

Sulfide-oxidizing bacteria of the genus Beggiatoa are known to accumulate phosphate intracellularly as polyphosphate but little is known about the structure and properties of these inclusions. Application of different staining techniques revealed the presence of unusually large polyphosphate inclusions in the marine Beggiatoa strain 35Flor. The inclusions showed a co-occurrence...

Influence of light quality and gassing on the vertical migration of diatoms inhabiting the Wadden Sea

Diatoms inhabiting the Wadden Sea show a rhythmic migration pattern, which is superimposed by the tidal rhythm. In addition to light intensity, light quality has a pronounced influence on the upward-directed migration, thus giving some information on the nature of the relevant photoreceptors. Maximum diatom migration occurred when sediment surfaces were illuminated with blue...