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CD47 Promotes Protective Innate and Adaptive Immunity in a Mouse Model of Disseminated Candidiasis

CD47 is a widely expressed receptor that regulates immunity by engaging its counter-receptor SIRPĪ± on phagocytes and its secreted ligand thrombospondin-1. Mice lacking CD47 can exhibit enhanced or impaired host responses to bacterial pathogens, but its role in fungal immunity has not been examined. cd47-/- mice on a C57BL/6 background showed significantly increased morbidity and...

Steps to achieve quantitative measurements of microRNA using two step droplet digital PCR

received from an anonymous reviewer that helped us further improve our experimental design. Data curation: Erica V. Stein. Formal analysis: Erica V. Stein, David L. Duewer, Natalia Farkas. Investigation ... : Erica V. Stein, Natalia Farkas, Erica L. Romsos. Methodology: Erica V. Stein, David L. Duewer, Natalia Farkas, Erica L. Romsos, Lili Wang, Kenneth D. Cole. Project administration: Erica V. Stein