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A fast sampling method for estimating the domain of attraction

Most stabilizing controllers designed for nonlinear systems are valid only within a specific region of the state space, called the domain of attraction (DoA). Computation of the DoA is usually costly and time-consuming. This paper proposes a computationally effective sampling approach to estimate the DoAs of nonlinear systems in real time. This method is validated to approximate...

An electromagnetism-like metaheuristic for open-shop problems with no buffer

This paper considers open-shop scheduling with no intermediate buffer to minimize total tardiness. This problem occurs in many production settings, in the plastic molding, chemical, and food processing industries. The paper mathematically formulates the problem by a mixed integer linear program. The problem can be optimally solved by the model. The paper also develops a novel...

An iterative scheme for numerical solution of Volterra integral equations using collocation method and Chebyshev polynomials

Abstract When we discretize nonlinear Volterra integral equations using some numerical, such as collocation methods, the arising algebraic systems are nonlinear. Applying quasilinear technique to the nonlinear Volterra integral equations gives raise to linear Volterra integral equations. The solutions of these equations yield a functional sequence quadratically convergent to the...