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The influence of filtering and downsampling on the estimation of transfer entropy

manuscript. Conceptualization: Esther Florin, Michael von Papen, Lars Timmermann. Formal analysis: Immo Weber. Funding acquisition: Lars Timmermann. Investigation: Immo Weber. Methodology: Esther Florin ... , Michael von Papen. Supervision: Lars Timmermann. Validation: Esther Florin, Lars Timmermann. Writing ± original draft: Immo Weber, Esther Florin, Michael von Papen. Writing ± review & editing: Immo Weber

Pre-target neural oscillations predict variability in the detection of small pitch changes

Pitch discrimination is important for language or music processing. Previous studies indicate that auditory perception depends on pre-target neural activity. However, so far the pre-target electrophysiological conditions which enable the detection of small pitch changes are not well studied, but might yield important insights into pitch-processing. We used magnetoencephalography...

Dopamine Replacement Modulates Oscillatory Coupling Between Premotor and Motor Cortical Areas in Parkinson's Disease

Efficient neural communication between premotor and motor cortical areas is critical for manual motor control. Here, we used high-density electroencephalography to study cortical connectivity in patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) and age-matched healthy controls while they performed repetitive movements of the right index finger at maximal repetition rate. Multiple source...