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Being an economic-civic competent citizen: A technology-based assessment of commercial apprentices in Germany and Switzerland

instruction in vocational schools and transitions from school to work. Esther Kaufmann is a senior lecturer and researcher at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Her research focuses on competence modeling

The Success of Linear Bootstrapping Models: Decision Domain-, Expertise-, and Criterion-Specific Meta-Analysis

The success of bootstrapping or replacing a human judge with a model (e.g., an equation) has been demonstrated in Paul Meehl’s (1954) seminal work and bolstered by the results of several meta-analyses. To date, however, analyses considering different types of meta-analyses as well as the potential dependence of bootstrapping success on the decision domain, the level of expertise...

A Critical Meta-Analysis of Lens Model Studies in Human Judgment and Decision-Making

Achieving accurate judgment (‘judgmental achievement’) is of utmost importance in daily life across multiple domains. The lens model and the lens model equation provide useful frameworks for modeling components of judgmental achievement and for creating tools to help decision makers (e.g., physicians, teachers) reach better judgments (e.g., a correct diagnosis, an accurate...