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Urinary metals in a spontaneous canine model of calcium oxalate urolithiasis

Calcium oxalate urolithiasis is a common and painful condition in people. The pathogenesis of this disease is complex and poorly understood. Laboratory animal and in vitro studies have demonstrated an effect of multiple trace metals in the crystallization process, and studies in humans have reported relationships between urinary metal concentrations and stone risk. Dogs are a...

Salivary proteomics of healthy dogs: An in depth catalog

data generation and analysis, and maintenance of required instrumentation. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Sheila M. F. Torres, Timothy J. Griffin. Data curation: Eva Furrow, Clarissa P. Souza ... , Jennifer L. Granick, Ebbing P. de Jong, Timothy J. Griffin, Xiong Wang. Formal analysis: Sheila M. F. Torres, Eva Furrow, Ebbing P. de Jong, Timothy J. Griffin, Xiong Wang. 11 / 16 Funding acquisition

Anti-Insulin Immune Responses Are Detectable in Dogs with Spontaneous Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus occurs spontaneously in dogs. Although canine diabetes shares many features with human type-1 diabetes, there are differences that have cast doubt on the immunologic origin of the canine disease. In this study, we examined whether peripheral immune responses directed against islet antigens were present in dogs with diabetes. Routine diagnostics were used to...