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Azo group(s) in selected macrocyclic compounds

compounds' structure and their properties (as e.g. ability to guest complexation, supramolecular structure formation, switching and motion) is reviewed. Ewa Wagner-Wysiecka, Natalia Łukasik and Elżbieta

Synthesis of thiol derivatives of azobenzocrown ethers. The preliminary studies on recognition of alkali metal ions by gold nanoparticles functionalized with azobenzocrown and lipoic acid

The article presents the synthesis of novel 13- and 16-membered azobenzocrown derivatives with peripheral thiol moieties and preliminary studies assessing their possible application in plasmonic sensors based on gold nanoparticles. The effect of the length of the chain connecting the macrocycle with the thiol group and the effect of the presence of the additional functional...