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Casimir squared correction to the standard rotator Hamiltonian for the O(n) sigma-model in the delta-regime

( 2004 ) 1881 [hep-th/0309009] [INSPIRE]. [5] F. Niedermayer and P. Weisz , Isospin susceptibility in the O(n) -model in the delta-regime , [6] N. Gromov , V. Kazakov and P. Vieira , Finite volume spectrum ... : revised numerical N 3 in d = 2, Phys. Lett. B 245 (1990) 529 [INSPIRE]. [1] H. Leutwyler , Energy levels of light quarks con ned to a box, Phys . Lett. B 189 ( 1987 ) 197 [2] P. Hasenfratz and F

Isospin susceptibility in the O(n) sigma-model in the delta-regime

We compute the isospin susceptibility in an effective O(n) scalar field theory (in d = 4 dimensions), to third order in chiral perturbation theory (χPT) in the delta-regime using the quantum mechanical rotator picture. This is done in the presence of an additional coupling, involving a parameter η, describing the effect of a small explicit symmetry breaking term (quark mass). For...

Massless sunset diagrams in finite asymmetric volumes

This paper discusses the methods and the results used in an accompanying paper describing the matching of effective chiral Lagrangians in dimensional and lattice regularizations. We present methods to compute 2-loop massless sunset diagrams in finite asymmetric volumes in the framework of these regularizations. We also consider 1-loop sums in both regularizations, extending the...

Matching effective chiral Lagrangians with dimensional and lattice regularizations

, The QCD rotator in the chiral limit, Nucl. Phys. B 828 (2010) 201 [6] P. Hasenfratz and F. Niedermayer, Finite size and temperature effects in the AF Heisenberg model, Z. Phys. B 92 (1993) 91 [hep-lat ... /9212022] [INSPIRE]. [7] F. Niedermayer and C. Weiermann, The rotator spectrum in the delta-regime of the O(n) effective field theory in 3 and 4 dimensions, Nucl. Phys. B 842 (2011) 248 asymptotically free

An improved single-plaquette gauge action

] M. Luscher and P. Weisz, Computation of the action for on-shell improved lattice gauge theories at weak coupling, Phys. Lett. B 158 (1985) 250 [INSPIRE]. [5] P. Hasenfratz and F. Niedermayer, Perfect ... (1996) 319 [hep-lat/9510026] [INSPIRE]. [7] F. Niedermayer, P. Rufenacht and U. Wenger, Fixed point gauge actions with fat links: scaling and glueballs, Nucl. Phys. B 597 (2001) 413 [hep-lat/0007007