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Selection-Driven Accumulation of Suppressor Mutants in Bacillus subtilis: The Apparent High Mutation Frequency of the Cryptic gudB Gene and the Rapid Clonal Expansion of gudB+ Suppressors Are Due to Growth under Selection

Soil bacteria like Bacillus subtilis can cope with many growth conditions by adjusting gene expression and metabolic pathways. Alternatively, bacteria can spontaneously accumulate beneficial mutations or shape their genomes in response to stress. Recently, it has been observed that a B. subtilis mutant lacking the catabolically active glutamate dehydrogenase (GDH), RocG, mutates...

SubtiWiki–a database for the model organism Bacillus subtilis that links pathway, interaction and expression information

Genome annotation and access to information from large-scale experimental approaches at the genome level are essential to improve our understanding of living cells and organisms. This is even more the case for model organisms that are the basis to study pathogens and technologically important species. We have generated SubtiWiki, a database for the Gram-positive model bacterium...

Bacillus subtilis RecA and its accessory factors, RecF, RecO, RecR and RecX, are required for spore resistance to DNA double-strand break

Bacillus subtilis RecA is important for spore resistance to DNA damage, even though spores contain a single non-replicating genome. We report that inactivation of RecA or its accessory factors, RecF, RecO, RecR and RecX, drastically reduce survival of mature dormant spores to ultrahigh vacuum desiccation and ionizing radiation that induce single strand (ss) DNA nicks and double...