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Concrete surface crack detection with the improved pre-extraction and the second percolation processing methods

editors and anonymous reviewers for their valuable comments and suggestions on this article. Author Contributions Funding acquisition: Zhong Qu. Methodology: Zhong Qu, Fang-Rong Ju, Ling Bai, Kuo Chen ... . Software: Zhong Qu, Fang-Rong Ju, Yang Guo, Ling Bai, Kuo Chen. Visualization: Yang Guo, Ling Bai, Kuo Chen. Writing ± original draft: Zhong Qu, Fang-Rong Ju, Yang Guo, Ling Bai, Kuo Chen. Writing ± review

The Improved Algorithm of Fast Panorama Stitching for Image Sequence and Reducing the Distortion Errors

The traditional image stitching result based on the SIFT feature points extraction, to a certain extent, has distortion errors. The panorama, especially, would get more seriously distorted when compositing a panoramic result using a long image sequence. To achieve the goal of creating a high-quality panorama, the improved algorithm is proposed in this paper, including altering...