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Assimilation of real-time riometer measurements into models of 30 MHz polar cap absorption

Space weather events may adversely affect high frequency (HF) radio propagation, hence the ability to provide nowcasting and forecasting of HF radio absorption is key for industries that rely on HF communications. This paper presents methods of assimilating 30 MHz radio absorption measurements into two types of ionospheric polar cap absorption (PCA) model to improve their...

Atmospheric Electrification in Dusty, Reactive Gases in the Solar System and Beyond

Detailed observations of the solar system planets reveal a wide variety of local atmospheric conditions. Astronomical observations have revealed a variety of extrasolar planets none of which resembles any of the solar system planets in full. Instead, the most massive amongst the extrasolar planets, the gas giants, appear very similar to the class of (young) brown dwarfs which are...