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Fast marching method and modified features fusion in enhanced dynamic hand gesture segmentation and detection method under complicated background

Recent development in the field of human–computer interaction has led renewed interest in dynamic hand gesture segmentation based on gesture recognition system. Despite its long clinical success, dynamic hand gesture segmentation using webcam vision becomes technically challenging and suffers the problem of non-accurate and poor hand gesture segmentation where the hand region is...

3D multimodal cardiac data reconstruction using angiography and computerized tomographic angiography registration

Background Computerized tomographic angiography (3D data representing the coronary arteries) and X-ray angiography (2D X-ray image sequences providing information about coronary arteries and their stenosis) are standard and popular assessment tools utilized for medical diagnosis of coronary artery diseases. At present, the results of both modalities are individually analyzed by...

A new human heart vessel identification, segmentation and 3D reconstruction mechanism

Background The identification and segmentation of inhomogeneous image regions is one of the most challenging issues nowadays. The surface vessels of the human heart are important for the surgeons to locate the region where to perform the surgery and to avoid surgical injuries. In addition, such identification, segmentation, and visualisation helps novice surgeons in the training...