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Lack of CT scanner in a rural emergency department increases inter-facility transfers: a pilot study

Objective Rural emergency departments (EDs) are an important gateway to care for the 20% of Canadians who reside in rural areas. Less than 15% of Canadian rural EDs have access to a computed tomography (CT) scanner. We hypothesized that a significant proportion of inter-facility transfers from rural hospitals without CT scanners are for CT imaging. Our objective was to assess...

Rural versus urban academic hospital mortality following stroke in Canada

Conceptualization: Richard Fleet. Data curation: Sylvain Bussières, Gilles Dupuis. Formal analysis: Fatoumata Korika Tounkara, SteÂphane Turcotte. Investigation: Richard Fleet. Methodology: Richard Fleet ... , Fatoumata Korika Tounkara, SteÂphane Turcotte, Gilles Dupuis. Project administration: Sylvain Bussières. Software: Sylvain Bussières. Supervision: Richard Fleet. Validation: Richard Fleet. Visualization

Differences in Access to Services in Rural Emergency Departments of Quebec and Ontario

Introduction Rural emergency departments (EDs) are important safety nets for the 20% of Canadians who live there. A serious problem in access to health care services in these regions has emerged. However, there are considerable geographic disparities in access to trauma center in Canada. The main objective of this project was to compare access to local 24/7 support services in...

The Quebec Rural Emergency Department Project: A Cross-Sectional Study of a Potential Two-Pronged Strategy in the Knowledge Transfer Process

Introduction Health services research generates useful knowledge. Promotion of implementation of this knowledge in medical practice is essential. Prior to initiation of a major study on rural emergency departments (EDs), we deployed two knowledge transfer strategies designed to generate interest and engagement from potential knowledge users. The objective of this paper was to...