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Execution of UML models: a systematic review of research and practice

research and practice Federico Ciccozzi 0 1 0 Malina Software Corporation , Ottawa , Canada 1 Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam , Amsterdam , The Netherlands Several research efforts from different areas have ... —Research team Three researchers carried out this study, each of them with a specific role within the research team. Principal researcher Dr. Federico Ciccozzi, senior researcher with expertise in model

On the automated translational execution of the action language for foundational UML

To manage the rapidly growing complexity of software development, abstraction and automation have been recognised as powerful means. Among the techniques pushing for them, model-driven engineering has gained increasing attention from industry for, among others, the possibility to automatically generate code from models. To generate fully executable code, models should describe...

Architecture optimization: speed or accuracy? both!

Commons license, and indicate if changes were made. Federico Ciccozzi is Assistant Professor at Mälardalen University, Sweden, School of Innovation, Design and Engineering where he received his PhD degree